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Every now and then a kid rapper breaks through the scene and steps in the limelight. MAC J IS A TRUE RARE COMMODITY; a commercial powerhouse with artistic and street credibility to spare, plus, ahuge and noticeable substance behind the style…….

He raps harder than your usual Lil Wayne and Drakes; he produces beats doper than your DJ Khaled and Swiss beats and sings just like your Chris brown, Usher and RKelly all by himself.

Born August 30, 1990, Richard Jonathan Masakona, better known by his stage name Mac J is no average South African rapper/singer/producer.

The Village Venda boy, born in the Northern Province now called Limpopo raised in a small household with just him and his mother AgnesAvhatakaliMasakona is a true definition of the next generation of music,

Mac J and his mother eventually moved and settled in Pretoria just days after his 12thbirthday it is there he discovered the “true essence of hip hop”, as he says it.
Mac J started writing and recording tracks in a little home studio he had created for himself using a R25 microphone (wrapped around in tape so it does not fall apart or distort) that he borrowed from one of his friends from high school.

Mac J found himself falling in love with music at the tender age of 9, influenced by artists such as 2 Pac, B.I.G. the Roots, Lauryn Hill, Gladys Knight, Percy Mukwevho, Colbert Mukwevho, BoB Marley, Drake, and etc, no wonder his music is so versatile and diverse.

“I found my saving grace in hip hop”, says Mac J.Started offby just merelyreciting 2Pac songs to his friends on the street corners, trying to impress girls and later moved into writing his own music so that he too could inspire other people

One of the few truly unique hip hop artists to reveal Venda’s commercial side. Mac J always had the sing song flow that he used when he couldn’t decide whether to sing or rap on a song, this made him seem like anevery fans favourite as if he were your homeboy from down the streetsfree styling about what had happened the previous day. A simple but yet unique combination of uniqueness and creativity
Mac J promises his Fans that this is his year and that he will be making more than just waves in the music industry

“With God I can do anything, I might be local, but I’m making worldly music AND THEY WILL KNOW”

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